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JOHN DEERE STS 9750 AND 630F v1.0.0.0
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JOHN DEERE STS 9750 AND 630F v1.0.0.0

The John Deere STS system was designed to meet the demand for high productivity with maximum grain quality.
These harvesters provide the producer with the best and most refined set of cut, feed, track, separation and
cleaning ever seen on the market. John Deere STS combines combine high harvest speed with low loss rates and excellent
grain quality, thus guaranteeing maximum yield and profitability in the harvest.

We have in this modification the following items:

John Deere STS 9750
- price: 137000
- power: 325 PS
- speed: 25 KM/H
- grain tank capacity: 10570 litres
- multiple tire configurations
- option of headlights with cover model 2003 and 2006
- Rotation of pulleys and machine parts working
- Animation of joystick, seat damper, pedals, and steering wheel

John Deere 630F
- price: 4280
- working width: 9.7 metres
- speed limit: 10 KM/H
- all moving parts animated


  • Name
    2020-07-09 19:54
    1 3
    why is there a fucking towel on the grain tank like wtf?
  • Mateus
    2020-07-09 22:03
    3 2
    We use these ''towels'' in Brazil to protect the grain tank from moisture exposure during the night and to have a better capacity as this help holding the grain when it`s full
  • Connect modding
    2020-07-09 22:44
    2 0
    We use canvas on bulk carriers to avoid rain and moisture! since these machines work in large fields and with no sheds!
  • Name
    2020-07-09 23:21
    3 1
    I have never seen that but ok, here in Tennessee we just park em back at the farm and we never harvest in the rain dont know how you guys do, and leavin grain in the hopper is a weird idea lol
  • Name
    2020-07-10 01:48
    3 2
    hey, its Brasil, there a different country, they have a different way of doing things
  • Name
    2020-07-10 11:14
    1 0
  • Name
    2020-07-11 16:31
    0 0
    Who idiot harvests at night. Its so wet at night so combines make the field muddy.
  • @name
    2020-07-12 00:58
    0 1
    Brazil is a wetter country than the US.
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