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JOHN DEERE W260 FIXED v1.0.0.0
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JOHN DEERE W260 FIXED v1.0.0.0

This is the fixed version of the W260 Expendables converted.

- added Shadows
- New sounds
- fixed textures
- new images
- few quality changes

wademitch, EXP19

  • Trump2020
    2020-09-06 21:08
    14 12
    I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I've had tremendous success. I think I've done a lot, believe me
  • Wademitch
    2020-09-06 22:07
    1 5
    stolen from modnetwork again
  • Name
    2020-09-06 23:44
    3 6
  • Papa
    2020-09-07 01:40
    0 3
    Love it and it works GREAT. Tell me do you think you would be able to convert this mod fron 17 to 19 for me. OXBO 4334 merger. It's here on modhub. If you can I would be very grateful.
  • @trump2020
    2020-09-07 01:45
    6 22
    Donald j Trump = WORST PRESIDENT FOR FARMERS IN AMERICAN HISTORY EVER !!!!(check the facts)
  • @trump2020
    2020-09-07 02:14
    0 10
    you dont understand sarcasm.... Believe me
  • Name
    2020-09-07 02:48
    0 0
    So many seppo's, so much entertainment (for the rest of the world)
  • Name
    2020-09-07 05:27
    2 1
    @papa you should check out my facebook wademitch modding and edits, so you can get the mods from me and not the stealers
  • Trump2020
    2020-09-07 18:20
    14 5
    The only people voting against Trump are people on welfare, people still living with their mom, gross Hollywood elites, overpaid pampered athletes, and the brain dead. Pick the category you fall into if you vote democrat, you're one of the aforementioned.
  • Name
    2020-09-08 02:35
    9 5
    well pal ! we have been running the same farm for 63 years so we don't fit into any of you're categories listed above! so by reading your post i can only conclude you are trump himself or just as big of a bullshit artist and con man as he is.
  • Bridgette
    2020-09-08 04:33
    8 7
    Trump2020: you are spitting facts! that's why everybody wants trump out of office, they don't want to work anymore and love getting free money from the democrats like wussies! HOW ABOUT YOU LAZY FUCKS GET OFF OF YOUR ASS LIKE THE REST OF US AND WORK!!! I AM TIRED OF MONEY GETTING TAKEN OUT OF MY PAYCHECK TO FEED YOUR LAZY ASSES!! WHICH YOU END UP USING TO BUY A FANCY CAR INSTEAD OF BETTERING YOURSELF!!!! /end rant
  • Jim


    2020-09-08 05:17
    10 7
    so if you don't support trump you're a sucker and a looser like he said about the vets? well as a disabled vet myself all i can say is SHAME ON YOU!!! I have been a republican all my life and will continue to be a republican after trump, BUT DONALD J TRUMP HAS TO GO !!!!
  • @jim
    2020-09-08 07:07
    5 12
    get a clue, moron, Trump never said vets were losers or suckers, that's the media gaslighting. next level stupid if you believe that crap, maybe try getting current events from someone other than cnn/etc. america has a ton of stupid people who believe everything they're told by lame-stream media...
  • Name
    2020-09-08 11:06
    4 4
    lets just listen to our commander and chief and inject disinfectant in our body's and be done with this all !!
  • Jim


    2020-09-08 13:33
    4 4
    WOW ! all i did was post my opinion , i did not attack anyone or call anyone names,yet you chose to attack me by calling me moron and stupid?i guess that shows more to your ignorance than my post
  • Name
    2020-09-08 14:02
    3 4
    i would like to join this conversation but i cant because i have bone spurs in my heels (draft dodger) i would post proof of this but my records are with my tax returns and i cant let those be seen by the public or everyone will know what a con and crook i really am.
  • Truthvtold
    2020-09-08 16:51
    4 1
    Biden supports black lives matter, in which is causeing riots and lootting across the usa.
  • Jeff
    2020-09-08 17:15
    2 0
    My name Jeff
  • @jim
    2020-09-08 17:18
    4 1
    if you don't like being called a moron, then stop being a moron. moron.
  • Wow


    2020-09-08 17:20
    3 0
    There's a lot of cnn viewers in this thread...
  • Ccp


    2020-09-08 18:23
    1 0
    You all Crying infants ... Shut up and just play game ... You make my eyes bleed from stupid American propaganda, forced globally by shitty UN. You suck my dong wong and SHUT UP!
  • Dreammaker
    2020-09-08 18:53 Send message
    0 1
    Thomas is a bot
  • Name
    2020-09-09 14:13
    0 0
    I'll weigh into this political discussion, "Every American is to be given a Gibb's Slap (come on guys, NCIS) and must vote Homer Simpson for President, seriously he could do it (I mean he can't do worse)"
  • Adasdasd
    2020-09-10 00:29
    0 0
    you ppl are so stupid you didnt notice thomas is a bot
  • What really has hurt farmers
    2020-09-10 02:42
    0 0
    The facts are that farmers have hurt themselves by not diversifying and being closed minded to changing times. MORE PRODUCT MORE PRODUCT does not in fact make farmers successful. Having worked that farm for 63 years you should be able to understand the supply and demand chain. While dairy farmers have let COOPs get so big where they only care about themselves and listened to them every time they said more cows more cows only way to do it. Using sex seamen to grow your herd size to stupid siz
  • Average american
    2020-09-10 23:43
    0 0
    I'm just going to say what every american is thinking, "Black lives don't matter, my bank account is what matters"
  • Yawn
    2020-09-11 23:23
    0 0
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