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John Deere XUV865_M Edit by Lifeliner
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John Deere XUV865_M Edit by Lifeliner

I edit some things, i hope you going to like it, please let me know.  This is my very first addition to any webside.
More power/torque at low rpm and speed
Speed up to 69 Km/h, 43 Mp/h.
Little more suspension travel.
4% larger wheels wheels and tirers
Front 10% wider wheels and tirers
Rear 30% wider wheels and tirers like in real. (but it aint too much)
Little less stiff spring.
Little less stiff damper
Little more fun overall.  Enjoy,  Greetings,  Lifeliner.

Original Giants Gator.

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    2018-11-26 03:04
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    can you fix the sound it sounds like its at high RPMs when it's just idleing
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