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Johnston Brothers Modular Trailer v1.0.0.2
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Johnston Brothers Modular Trailer v1.0.0.2

Johnston Brother Modular Trailer

This is a Johnston flatbed trailer based on the same trailer that is used by Olly on Olly's farm.
It is a modular trailer in real life with 4 different variations, which have been modelled and implemented into the game.
This mod contains no shop configurations except for color options because I wanted this trailer to represent it's real life counter part as much as possible
and as such each part is bought individually and can be attached and detached to directly to the trailer in the game.

Regular flatbed -> Baling Technology -> €11500
Livestock Module -> Animal Transport -> €2375
Forestry Module -> Forestry Equipment -> €2375
Bale Module -> Baling Technology -> €1750

- Bales/logs should not explodes on the trailer after when saving and then loading the game with the trailer filled with bales/logs and either the bale or forestry module attached to the trailer
- Can now carry the Bale and Forestry module on the pallets by hand
- Lowered the center of mass so it is more stable

- Lowered the center of mass on the livestock module to add more stability when the module is in use
- Changed the collison on the pallets so bales etc wont stand crooked on the trailer with a module attached this also means that you cannot sell the forestry and bale module at the shop trigger, you have to sell them via the shop menu


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    2020-03-28 22:17
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    how do you put the bale grids on?
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