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Joskin Xtrem 18500 v1.0.0.0
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Joskin Xtrem 18500 v1.0.0.0

The Joskin Xtrem 18500 offers 6 brands with matching brand colors. There are also more than 30 tire configurations. For the spreading of their manure, a distributor or an attachable device can be used.
If you use the distributor, you only need to press B to distribute the slurry, and if you want to use the attached device, you only need to press V to distribute the slurry.

Modell: MTS Agrar
Textur: pics_by_luca_2.0
Script: pics_by_luca_2.0
Idee / Konzept: pics_by_luca_2.0
Tester: pics_by_luca_2.0

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    Eagle355th is a cheater and steals mods and releases mods without the permission of the original authors. stupid thief!
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