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Kane Low Loader v1.0.0.0
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Kane Low Loader v1.0.0.0

The Kane Low Loader is one of the lowest low loaders on the market accompany this with the gentle beaver tail and it makes it safer for loading excavators.
These Low Loaders are available in a range of lengths but fall into two main groups, 16 Tonne and 24 Tonne, other uncommon specs can be available.

Lengths 6.35 – 7.25 meters
Tandem axle w/spring sets
Sprung ramps
Hydraulic Brakes
215 x 17.5 tyres

Price: 22899€

Piplarsson/NoobFragz - Swedish Bonna Team

  • Xyberwolf
    2020-04-17 04:58 Send message
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    For me, it drifts badly to the left when lowering the tail runs.May just be me, but it was about a 30 deg swing...
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