Farming simulator 2019 mods
Kane pack v1.0.0.1
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Kane pack v1.0.0.1

previously released kane pack with the badly fitted adstrips removed.
not my mod i just removed adstrips because it looked terrible

There are Three Trailers In this Pack
- Kane Classic Trailer
- Kane Grain Trailer
- Kane Halfpipe Trailer

NI Modding & SKYLIGHT123456

  • Virgie45
    2019-09-03 13:14 Send message
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  • Ray


    2019-09-03 16:07
    4 0
    I found that none of the lights on the trailer work
  • Farmerbill
    2019-09-03 17:04
    4 0
    yes because they are a bad convert buddy it also bunny hops down the road when full trailer.
  • Ray


    2019-09-03 19:21
    3 0
    thank you mate for letting me know that i will uninstall now
  • Guest
    2019-09-04 11:17
    3 0
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