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Karussel + Rondell v2.0
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Karussel + Rondell v2.0

I took the ground from the roundpen and put up the dressArena of the Ravenport.

Version 2

Now everything is placeable and you can buy it under decoration. Have fun with it. The dressageArena is now animated and you can ride in with the horse.
Kind regards

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants/DTP Mario
Idee / Konzept: JohnDeereFahrer68
Tester: Privat

  • Me


    2019-01-05 05:47 Send message
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    looks interesting, why are there two download options?
  • Eepsquared
    2019-01-06 02:45 Send message
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    And no pictures of it in use with a horse makes me suspicious of it actually being usable, especially since the fenced off sections don't even allow a horse to walk around its inside perimeter.
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