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Kenworth K200 v1.0.0.0
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Kenworth K200 v1.0.0.0

Kenworth K200 for Farming simulator 19
k200 edits. Still got to add lights.
Power: 475
Maximum Speed: 65
Price: 95000
Category: Trucks
Credits: TORK Modding

TORK Modding

  • Wrangler
    2020-06-27 01:01 Send message
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    Nice truck. Bullbar option doesn't work. Engine option doesn't work. Needs option to remove Kenworth signs. Cab color choice would also be nice. Fix those and you've got a great mod.
  • Zac's fs19 edits
    2020-06-27 06:05
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    @Wrangler, They stole it from my facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/227713461972865/
  • @zac's fs19 edits
    2020-06-27 07:05
    2 0
    I like how you say they "stole" the truck when you've done the exact same thing before :)
  • Zac's fs19 edits
    2020-06-27 08:05
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    I know. I learned my lesson. I am sorry.
  • Road-train
    2020-06-30 10:54
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    um I see a lot of dog and truck pictures on you fb page but no mods Zac
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2020-07-03 02:06
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    I am with WRANGLER this truck looks amazing but like he said the options do not really work and also the truck sounds it has in it's files do not play in game it just plays the generic sounds. I hope to see this mod fixed because it would make a great addition to my farm :)
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