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Kenworth T800 By BubbyMods v1.2
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Kenworth T800 By BubbyMods v1.2

This is the Kenworth T800 orignally by 4MR.
* Fixed Headlights and Camera posistions
* Updated collisions for correct ground clearance
* Updated scale
* Addded working dash indicators
* Added mirrors
* Updated avatar posistioning

Originally by 4MR

  • Boomer
    2019-07-31 00:03
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    No good still has crappy Sunvisor that blocks half of the windshield, I am a retired truck driver and those sun visors look good in the parking lot but are not practicable, limit your view and so in the game.
  • Pavepilot
    2019-07-31 01:37 Send message
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    You have the driver sitting way to low. That is how Billy Big Riggers and Super Truckers sit.
  • Вася
    2019-07-31 03:42
    0 1
    спасибо большое хороший грузовик я очень ждал его обновления
  • Bira
    2019-07-31 03:46
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    Caminhão horrível para fazer manobras. É muito grande e desajeitado.
  • 4mr


    2019-09-11 07:14
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    why are you claiming this as yours? if people want the REAL version of this truck, not a Half assed edit, go get it from 4MR modding facebook page...i hope you atleast included proper credits to my work
    • Bubbymods
      2019-09-11 19:35 Send message
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      4MR Not claiming it as my own but I spent a ton of time editing things that I wanted different for my own use and figured others might as well. Major issue with the original is the collisions were messed up (not enough ground clearance) so the truck would get stuck every time it went up a ramp at an unload point. Started just trying to fix that then ended up doing a lot of other things. Great truck though thanks for contributing to the game to make it better!
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