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Kenworth W900a v2.0.0.0
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Kenworth W900a v2.0.0.0

This is v2 of my W900a Edit

Since I made V1 I've learned alot

Exhaust configs
Bumper Configs
Headache Rack Configs
Color option for the truck+tanks seperate
more interior things
fixed hood emblem
new sounds (again)


  • Hey


    2020-09-25 14:50
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    for anybody who doesn't know this W900 is by Wademitch Modding. Thomas is a bot that steals mods. I don't mean a bot in a bad way. he is LITERAILY just a computer disguised as a real account
  • Rob lowe
    2020-09-25 15:39
    3 4
    Thomas steals mod links. Wademitch steals mods and breaks them with crappy edits.
  • Wademitch modding
    2020-09-26 20:09
    3 2
    fuck you Tomas.
  • You realize
    2020-09-28 06:35
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    you realize that whenever people release stuff on the internet it's for all to see and all to share, since it's released PUBLICALLY. I didn't know i had to say this a bunch, i guess people don't read anymore?
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