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Kogel Planenauflieger v1.0
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Kogel Planenauflieger v1.0

Mod for Farming Simulator 19
This is 9 Kögel semi-trailer with tarpaulin. There are 3 configurations.
1. Quite normal
2. With Easy Autoload
3. Bulk material is displayed as pallets

Edward's Modding, Eraevgenij.Kerl, LS Mapping Team, LS-MODCOMPANY, alfalfa6945

  • Quite normal?
    2019-10-16 17:12
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    WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT EVERY SINGLE DAY?!? You all fucking "modders" are just pushing more and more SHIT out! This might be the 264th fucking klögel-trailer now... Yes, keep it coming! We all fucking LOVE these mods made by "famous wannabemodders" THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR THIS TRAILER, AGAIN, AND AGAIN!
  • Relax man
    2019-10-18 02:12
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    Play a war game for a few weeks, kill and mame a few thousand, then come back for more kögel love
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