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Kogel Autoloader Semitrailer 10m FS19 v1.0
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Kogel Autoloader Semitrailer 10m FS19 v1.0

Price: 25030€
Colors option Chasis option
Colors Base option
Colors wheels Option
Change wheels Option
- autoload for roundBales, squarebales and squarecotton bales
- support jdCotton roubdBale
- missionPallets,eggBoxes
- Now supports Eggs autoload pallets
- Boads Pallets
- color configuration for rims, trailer and flatbed
- selectable  cover decal ,Kogel,Claas,NewHolland,Dhl.
- new wheels (Lizard,Nokian,)
- connectors for hoses in front
- trailer hitch back
- steering axle

This trailer accepts square bales, round bales (several versions), pallets, egg boxes, and even cotton modules. Here are the most used keyboard shortcuts:

Z = Toggle between the available products to load.
U = Autoload on or off.
Y = Unloads stuff.
B = Toggles between the unloading positions (guided by a marker.Flexible Unload Marker

Note that the trailer is found in the Baling Technology category, not among the trailers.

Select the cover configuration you want Kogel,Claas,NewHolland,Dhl.to show you cover after you buy press "N" key,

Uploading again on other websites is not desired.
My approval is required for the reproduction and / or modification of the models for the purpose of republishing.
Have fun with it!


  • Walter bispo
    2020-04-05 06:19
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    Looks like a good mod,why did you exclude it from Mods to? aren't all these mods related and produced by you?
    • Edward007
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      I forgot to add the linkand I cant change that anymore
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