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Komatsu 875 Autoload v2.0
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Komatsu 875 Autoload v2.0

This is the Komatsu 875 with Autoload Wood

Version 2.0.0
Multiplayer added (please test if it works)
Indoor Camera Fixed

I have missed the original Komatsu 875 an autoload because the truck is not so off-road. :)
In the log is a warning because of the icon.png Irgentwas with performance as soon as that is fixed comes an update.
The error what is possibly in it is only if 2 vehicles with Autoload in the modfolder are LS then Autoload exist ignore it. So nothing bad.
It is the standard Komatsu from the game. Crane and everything else working.
A little tip on the edge puts the crane aside when using the autoload: D

Mod: p.soppa
Autoload Script Converted for the LS 19: Kenny456
Autoload Script Originally from Marhu.net

Since I want to provide a good support this mod is exclusive for the LS-Modcompany uploading to other sites is only permitted with explicit permission


  • Yriy
    2019-02-04 07:32
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    Мод отличный а можно эту стрелу на чисто убрать.
  • Vanek1105
    2019-02-04 07:55 Send message
    3 0
    Я не пойму, нахера ставить автозагрузку на технику с манипуляторами
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