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Krampe Trailer Pack v2.2.0 by Bonecrusher6
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Krampe Trailer Pack v2.2.0 by Bonecrusher6

Krampe Trailer Pack by Bonecrusher6

- Company configurations now on the KS950
- Company configurations on the SB3060 and KS950 now also on the side
- Accessories on SB3060 and KS950, not configurable
- several small changes

Pack includes:
- Krampe Bandit750:
> Dynamic hoses (at least hydraulic hoses, rest comes if something suitable was found)
> selectable accessories
- Krampe Dolly 10L:
> Chassis color selectable
- Krampe KS950:
> Configurations, as well as the KS950, which I once released individually
> Chassis color selectable
- Krampe SB3060:
> selectable company terminals, as with my 17er version

All things in the pack have:
- Color choice and rim color choice
- additional tire configurations
- animated mudflaps (except the dolly)
- illuminated license plates
- adapted capacities
- extended maintenance intervals

Have fun with it.
Otherwise LS19 standard functions
Patch 1.2 is needed
Model: Giants Software
Conversion: Bonecrusher6 / LSMC


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