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Kraz 255B v1.4
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Kraz 255B v1.4

What is new in version 1.4.0:
- Added front suspension animation
- improved rear suspension animation
- some models have been replaced (now the right cans have normal canisters on Kraz’s side, and not something blue).
- replaced some textures
- at the request of the community, one more type of wheels with a higher suspension and with its greater course was added
- added the ability to move the saddle, which allows the use of Kraz with any semi-trailers
- Added new design options, now you can remove not only the spare wheel, but also the rear wings

- Available selection of primary color, color design and one of the discs.
- There are 2 engines to choose from: authentic YMZ-238 for 240 forces and its modern modification YMZ-6585-04 for 420 forces (believe me, no longer needed, 1962 Nm of dragging in any situation).
- the choice of various configurations is available
- 4 types of wheels:
- Road (although who needs them?)
- Swamps with discs that can be painted
- Swamp with authentic discs.
- Swampers with authentic discs + higher suspension with increased travel
- Working lighting, paid special attention to it, the lights turned out very realistic.
- Animated suspension (front + rear)
- Movable fifth wheel hitch
- Instruments and indicators are working in the cabin
- Soiled / washed.
- The log is clean.

ЛЕХА, Axary

  • Gyverx
    2019-02-28 06:11
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    Not Multiplayer compatible.
  • Ossibossi
    2019-03-15 18:33
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    Hi and thanks for your mod. I like...but I miss one thing a trailer hitch...Keep up your good work! :)
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