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Kraz New Life v2.7.0.0
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Kraz New Life v2.7.0.0

It makes no sense to describe the main features, you all know them all.

What's New in Version
- Added modification of Kraz 255B ZSK-15(seed / fertilizer / lime express)
- Updated models and textures of all tires
- Improved cab detailing both inside and out
- Added ability to open front windows (Shift + N / Shift + J)
- Added animation of the driver's door at the entrance / exit
- New wheels rims
- Lights on the roof now only turn on manually ("Home" button)
- Lots of technical improvements and optimizations, which are too long to describe ...

Download and enjoy the game with KrAZ "New Life".


  • Question
    2019-08-30 17:22
    6 0
    Love this mod. Great job. Any chance you can do a logging body for the truck and trailer? Maybe with a rear mounted logging boom?
    • Axary
      2019-08-30 17:53 Send message
      9 0
      Everything is possible ;-)
  • Bogus
    2019-08-30 20:37
    6 0
    I think it's the best truck package for Farming Simulator 19. Delete all other truck modes at this time and only use these modes. It really is the best work. I would like to say to the person who created this mod. Can you make a great piece of heavy equipment that can carry and cut wood? TT. It is really the best work. Thank you for making the game fun.
  • Axary
    2019-08-31 06:39 Send message
    2 0
    MARYO, your video does not match this mod.
  • Ty


    2019-08-31 07:43
    2 0
    great stuff.
  • 123


    2019-08-31 22:50
    1 0
    MARYO, your video is fake! (fabrication, linden, forgery, knavery, juggle)
  • Name
    2019-09-01 05:55
    0 0
    Where is the truck trailer?
    • Axary
      2019-09-01 06:37 Send message
      2 0
      Trailer in the trailer section. If you mean the semi-trailer that is present on the screenshots, then this is a separate mod: "MAZ 953000 017", I posted it more than 4 months ago (04/18/19). Here is a link to it: https://sharemods.com/4e0gp6h5u119/FS19_MAZ_Trailer.zip.html
  • Brandongam
    2019-09-08 15:43 Send message
    0 0
    love the mod and can you make a heavy eqiupment front loader to go with the truck?
  • Memphis
    2020-01-21 18:30
    0 0
    Здравствуйте! Вы проделали огромную работу, спасибо! Сделайте пожалуйста лесовоз, заранее спасибо!
  • To axary
    2020-01-22 02:36
    1 0
    where can we find more of youre mods or news and updates so something like facebook or so
  • Moosey
    2020-04-12 23:15 Send message
    0 0
    Best truck mod till this day.
  • Name
    2020-06-18 01:58
    0 0
    Hi, I downloaded and installed version of this mod and it definitely doesn't show dirt and wear on the main body but it does show it on the wheels, tires and drive shaft. I keep seeing references in older version and patch notes that the author says it has dirt and needs washing, so I'm wondering if something got broken somehow in the newest build? Love the mod, would really like to get it working 100% with dirt and wear as it looks weird staying spotless
  • Axary
    2020-06-29 09:54 Send message
    0 0 is not my version, this is the version from reuploader. I have no idea how exactly he raped my mod. I upload mods to this resource myself, so if you want to use the authors version and have support, then look carefully at who exactly uploaded the mod.
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