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Kroeger HKD module v1.0.0.4
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Kroeger HKD module v1.0.0.4

Kroeger HKD 3 way tipper body with 16500 l volume for D-754 truck.
- Cover color selection: Yellow (stock), Black, Gray, Design color pallete;
- Body sceleton color selection with additional unpainted Zinc material
- Walls material selection: "Plywood" or "Wooden slats" in Base or Design color palletes
- Frame color selection: Red (stock), Black, Design color pallete.

- Fixed unloading animation
- Fixed body walls position
- Fixed supports collision
- Fixed index

Required Mods:
- D-754 Truck Pack (By: Aaa modding)

Dream Truck Team

  • Deafgamer
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    Can you add a frontend attachment for like bruks and fraese (milling machine)?
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