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Krone Ernter Pack by Bonecrusher6 v2.0
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Krone Ernter Pack by Bonecrusher6 v2.0

Converted Krone shredders, mowers and attachments

Crown Harvester Pack by Bonecrusher6

Have a pack of different crown machines and equipment for you.

Pack includes:
- Crown BigM450
- Crown BigX580
- Crown BigX1180
- Crown cutting unit carriage
- Krone Collect 600
- Crown Collect 900
- Krone EasyFlow 300
- Crown XDisc 620

All things have a small color choice, so you can color them as Original Crown, Crown Special or Black and White.
Or you can combine the colors differently.
In addition, there is a small rim color choice (3 colors).
Decals are also selectable on all items, between the Standard and Krine Special.
The 3 machines have additional license plates (backlit), other flashing lights and inside a bit of odds and ends.
With the BigX1180 you can configure another trailer hitch so that you can also tow trailers with lowAttacher.
Maintenance intervals were extended a bit.

Have fun with it.


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