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Ktm Dirtbike v1.0.0.0
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Ktm Dirtbike v1.0.0.0

Time to go racing with your friends! fun dirtbike to mess around with, im working on a placable track system for it that i will be releasing soon enjoy, will be working on more physics for the bike soon also and adding configs, test it out lmk problems if u find some.
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  • Holygobo
    2019-01-27 14:16 Send message
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    The bike turning is quite slow and unresponsive, the bike is quite large compared to the normal size of such a vehicle and most important of all, when there is the slightest bump the bike flies and freaks out completely. I understand and admire the attempt to create such a vehicle DYMA, however, I am sorry to tell you that it just hasn't worked.
  • Pherol
    2019-01-27 17:47
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    Completely broken unfortunately. Character models are broken (hair no longer attached to head but floating 20 cm above, fingers are now 50cm long and bends around the handlebars, leg is fixed inside the exhaust). Handling is not working, above 50-60 KPH it wont let you turn properly, only not at all or a 180 flipout. Cant drive offroad without the bike going completely balistic.
  • Akthesavag
    2019-01-28 02:21 Send message
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    @Pherol. Sounds like a great mod for "The Squad" then.... lmfaoOnly the shittiest of mods for the shittiest of Youtube streamers! LMFAO
  • Camren
    2019-01-28 23:33
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  • Dont be gay
    2019-01-29 21:05
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    replace all the 69 with something else and ill download it
  • Name
    2019-01-31 16:18
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    This model was originally modded on by Lambo
  • Vfaithv
    2019-02-02 12:55 Send message
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    the model was not toutched by lambo i did this, http://www.cadnav.com/3d-models/model-42032.html is the free model, lambo did use the same model for fs17 and yes ofc it didnt work 100 percent corrrectly it was first release, since then ive done alot its driving much better now and suspensions working
  • Nick
    2019-08-22 00:08
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    1. The Squad is the BEST!!!!! 2. Add a horn to the bike please
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