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KUHN FBP3135 v1.0.0.0
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KUHN FBP3135 v1.0.0.0

FBP3135 baler/wrapper with windrower option
Base: $60,000
Work width: 3M
Windrower: $2,000
Work width: 19M
Work speed: 18mph
Wide: $0
Narrow: $200
Narrow Dual: $200
Wrap colors added/full grid: $0
Base color: $200
Second color: $200
Wheel color: $100
Updated: 01/01/19
Sped up unloading and wrapping time. Wrap time is 6 sec instead of 15.
Upload Date: 01/01/19


  • Zicken3
    2019-01-09 22:35
    Can you build a collection truck with such arms? that would be cool.
  • 3verland
    2019-01-10 09:24
    Not sure what the deal is, but the baler will not wrap any bales, period, I even tried a reset.
  • Alex2ruote
    2019-01-10 17:26
    3verland Works just fine for me. You have to toggle the wrapper on, and only grass bales turn into silage, you don't need to wrap hay or straw. I recommend these scripts too: http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/automatic-unloading-for-bale-wrappers-v1-0-0-0/ http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/bale-counter-v1-0-0-0/
  • Cluj
    2019-01-11 15:57
    Mod Reviewhttps://youtu.be/ZlSpC5gGo24
  • Cecil1
    2019-01-13 03:12
    Are there both balers in this file
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