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Kuhn LSB1290 v1.0
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Kuhn LSB1290 v1.0

Hello people I once changed the press so that it really drives 20kmh while pressing.
Bale size 14000l.
If you do not need it, do not load it and leave no comments.
Modell: Gaints
Textur: Gaints
Script: Gaints
Idee / Konzept: Sam
Tester: Sam


  • **asa**
    2018-12-05 02:42
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    Did i read that right !! 14000..WOW..I'll need more cows LOL
  • Kr


    2018-12-13 07:08
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    What happens when you wrap the 14,000L bale, does it change it back to the standard 4,000 or does it stay 14,000?
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