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Kuhn Straw Bale Wrap v1.0
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Kuhn Straw Bale Wrap v1.0

With This BALER you can wrap the straw bale. It can choose more than 80+ colours, metallic and non-metallic. The foil colour can also changed
The BALER Capacity can Adjustable

Price: $ 76,000
Capacity: Adjustable  4000, 12000, 20000
Credits: Gamemods Channel

Gamemods Channel, JCB

  • Yerrit
    2019-02-01 20:16
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    I like the mod and its what iv'e been looking for, for a long time. Even in the other farm sims iv'e been waiting for this mod. So i thank you for doing this mod :-) the only this i don't like with this mod is the speed it wraps the bales, i know you have called it speed wrap, but in real life you wouldn't have that. plz can you turn down the speed and then this mod would be shit hot big time.
  • Ssgtpappy
    2019-04-05 22:46
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    Great Mod, only problem it wraps a little fast can you do a slow wrap version for us old farts?
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