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Ladewagen Modpack Color / Chrome Edtion v1.0
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Ladewagen Modpack Color / Chrome Edtion v1.0

Here is my loader Modpack.
The Modpack contains the following loader wagons.

Miner REPEX 34S
Fendt TigoXR75
Crown ZX560 GD
Schuitemaker Rapide 8400W
Schuitemaker rapide580V

The loader wagons have a higher load capacity, faster working speed & free color choice (also in Chrome) as well as longer life.
In a folder are still a few Sceenshots what you expect colors. You can easily delete these after seeing through them.

The modpack is multiplayer capable and runs error free.
Have fun
The mod may only be published with the original upload link on other pages.


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