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Lakeland Vale 27/01/2020 by Stevie
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Lakeland Vale 27/01/2020 by Stevie

Here's small update 3.
This fixes cotton sales at the farms wool trigger. Renames Bga2 and adjusts the horse pen along with a few other minor tweaks. Does not require a restart.
A second download link to a duplicate file is now on my google drive but you must remove .COPY from the end of its name for it to work if you download Lakeland Vale from that link.

Here's small update 2.
This allows use a some of the placeables from Fenton in Lakeland without showing texture path errors.
Also as requested I added a vehicle store sell trigger at Stevie's Country Store but to see that you will have to restart the game with a new save. If you can live without the new sell trigger the other fixes/improvements do not require a restart.

Here is the small update 1 for the map it DOES NOT require a new game or restart. All you need to do after downloading this update and placing it into your mods folder is load the map in game and just save the game straight away. Exit the game and reload it. The new zip file is the exact same name so don't mix them up.
This will fix the floating electric panel at the BGA, extend the bush draw distance for a better visual look, increase the number of animals each pen can hold to 1200 for sheep, chickens, cows and pigs. Horses are raised to 16. It also will fix the warning for sell point index 35 and finally it will fix visuals on the northern gas station.

Place the downloaded zip straight into your mods folder, load and play. I offer no support for any external mods used with this map other than my own.

The aim was to create a laid back easy to just play and relax hassle free map. The map at first glance is just this with square fields, easy missions nice fictional US country to have fun and play the game in. However I created the map with painted roads and lanes and just one small traffic spline in the northern small town of Lakeland Vale. This allows the user a huge scope of map customisation using the simple in game terrain tools allowing the users to basically recreate this however they wish. Most of the farm can be removed apart from the animals and house.
The map features one farm with vehicle reset point, sleep trigger, all in game animals in custom pens complete with the Animal Pen Extension APE. The APE mod file is not included and must be downloaded separately from its source. The farm has a large capacity silo, silage clamp, manure store, workshop, diesel supply, vehicle sheds, barn sales, wool sales and farm supply point. You have 5 owned fields 4 planted ready for harvest and 1 grass. The map is seasons ready with snow mask and custom textures. AI friendly with large grass areas at field ends and the BGA has 6 clamps, sunken tip points and fast processing. The map features compost but will require a relevant global company composting plant mod like the one I released and the addition of the Global Company mod script not supplied and must be download from source. The map has a smaller forestry area and several good sized placeable areas. Diesel can be sold at both gas stations, water can be sold at the animal suppliers. Eggs can be sold at the dairy and supermarket. Water can be filled for free from the farms wind pump, horses water trough and dairy water tower.
I have not built in any Global Script productions as you can get placeables and I decided against extra fruit.

Here's a huge big thank you to Frank, Larry and Duckzorly for help testing the map.

Have fun with the map and thank for the support, regards Stevie.

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  • Wrangler
    2020-01-27 20:08 Send message
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    B.O.B. Lookaround - Lakeland Vale by Stevie - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFkAp0rQ85I
  • Bigtonytomato
    2020-01-27 21:16
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    2 days 3 updates.. you fuckin idiot. Test your maps... I know you won't because you are Stevie this great map maker yadda yadda. You Rush this shit out when its playable than deciding after the fact to change this and that and tweak this and that. Make a map and release it. most maps may have a couple of updates but not 3 in 2 days. You have all these people standing up for you saying your the best for your little edits and your 15 version maps. it's ridiculous. Just give up. All your maps look
  • Df


    2020-01-27 21:41
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    bigtony give it up man
  • Lazyfarmer
    2020-01-27 21:42
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    Another great map thanks for all the hard work you put into them pity some others are too thick to understand this but I am sure most of the 2 million fs19 players aren't.
  • Name
    2020-01-27 23:20
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    nice map stevie cows are not producing slurry or milk but plenty of manure any ideas ???
  • Bigtonytomato
    2020-01-27 23:30
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    nice map Stevie cows are not producing slurry or milk but plenty of manure any ideas ???Wait... it will be in another update,
  • Bigtonytomato
    2020-01-27 23:47
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    @ DFI will give it up when this guy releases a finished map
  • Ippyfoon
    2020-01-28 00:16
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    It's a Great MAP! The only thing I am unhappy is every time i start the game it keeps saying I need to update the global placeables when i already have in the "mod hub" unless Stevie has his one he's edited? & Ofc All the damn Lights at night in the farm my FPS is down to 7!!! in some spots and it's so harsh on the PC.
  • Df


    2020-01-28 01:03
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    if u don't like updates or map play another one it not rocket science
  • Quesiton
    2020-01-28 01:22
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    do you guys want him to disappear from modding again like he did from fs17? you guys know your words can hurt other people, please be civil on the internet. he went away because of people like you talking him down and being complete asses towards him. i for one love his mods and i hope he continues. if you hate him, then why are you downloading his map?! that is a bunch of hypocrisy right there.
  • Not this shit again
    2020-01-28 01:44
    2 6
    fuck you and your map dude , this updating the map every day for the next 2weeks is a fucking joke
  • @bigtonytomato and whiners
    2020-01-28 01:59
    3 1
    So BigTony, what maps do you have to share with the community?? Oh, you don't know how to build a mod?? Gee, you're just a big whiney assed baby that needs to grow up. Don't complain about someone else until you can do better. Same goes to "Not this shit again". you two are just a couple of Trolls who have IQ's lower than your shoe sizes.
  • Bigtonytomato says:
    2020-01-28 02:05
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    BTT says: "@ DFI will give it up when this guy releases a finished map ". And I'll quit harassing BigTonyTomato when he posts a map of his own. He can only complain about others because he doesn't have the skill it takes to make a map. You dumbassed twit.
  • @ quesiton
    2020-01-28 02:12
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    Don't worry. Stevie doesn't use Modhub nor does he even visit here. Notice the map was posted by "Thomas"? "Thomas" is actually a bot that finds mods on other sites (like Facebook in this case) then posts it on Modhub. BigassedTony is just wasting time commenting here. That shows how much of an idiot he is.
  • Hi


    2020-01-28 03:09
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    I've downloaded this map and it ran great until I decided to try out cotton. The only mods I'm running are the official DLCs and Courseplay6. I even removed courseplay6 to see if that was the issue, but it's not.Upon trying to use the John Deere cotton harvester, all workers become broken, and the game starts acting crazy. Esc no longer works, the worker stops working but you can't fire the worker, the HUD appears as though the H key to hire worker is being pressed repeatedly and
  • Dctoe
    2020-01-28 22:25 Send message
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    @BIGTONY should make his own map and see how much he has to update it to keep the fuming masses from crying and complaining. See how much time he has for howling here. [email protected] - That's BS! I had that same problem with both Cotton Harvesters at Dondiego, and it remained that way until I removed two mods. The EAL script and the tow bar. All 7 of my heavily modded maps work fine now. Going to test. If I am wrong, I WILL post it here.Maps in separate folders?
  • Przndoc
    2020-01-28 23:09
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    At first glance, a very nice Map, well designed and intriguing. Regrettably, I have been unsuccessful in making it through 15 minutes of gameplay before the Tractors lockup and the game freezes. Specifically, this occurs promptly upon attaching ANY TRACTOR to any trailer or piece of equipment. I have deleted, and reinstalled this Map 4 times, trying various tractor and trailer combinations, with no luck. Mr. Stevie...… look forward to playing your new maps, however this one has been the mo
  • Quesiton
    2020-01-29 04:33
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    well, i think it's very safe to say, with all of the agreements here today, @bigtony is here by required (i even contacted giants, and they said he should as well) to make a map that is bigger and better than stevie's...... you aren't a chicken tony..... or are you?!??
  • Quesiton
    2020-01-29 04:35
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    and lemme guess, once you read our comments, you're just gonna say "i'm not a chicken, i just don't have time to make a mod" or some dumb ass excuse like that trying to get out of making a mod, proving that you are way better than modders. or, you're just not gonna respond and keeping being the little shit troll you are. well done sir, well done.
  • Bigrichmod
    2020-01-29 13:37 Send message
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    I downloaded this heap of a mess, as with ALL Stevies maps on back to farming simulator 17. its always - unfinished, update- update -update after update. so what's in the updated version, that's better than the original released version? a twinkle in santa clauses eye, or is that one light bulb on a light post flickers. its silly as [censor] his maps are ALWAYS over modded and full of shit not necessary for farming. in the end you have a 200Mb map- that's now 670Mb of crap. looks good,? yeah the
  • Bigrichmod
    2020-01-29 13:41 Send message
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    pool lights up - WOOO WEEE its a garbage map..designed to stuff your PC full of shit. Stevie knows NOTHING about Farmers or a Farm- he might as well be modding for SIMS game. kiddy crap..that some donor donated cash for this. remember, the Pied Piper lead all the rats to their ruin. was he a good leader? well flies lead other flies to a pile of shit, doesn't make that fly a good leader. LMAO
  • Meavis
    2020-01-30 02:06
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    big tony = gay tony?
  • Allan
    2020-01-30 16:38
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    manque du trafic
  • @bigrichmod
    2020-01-30 23:01
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    Another troll, aren't you. A worthless piece of shit is all you are. Make a better map then talk about how badly someone else does. The fact is, you're too ignorant to know how to do that. You damned idiot. If you don't like a map, don't download it, stupid!! Go find your whore 'daddy' and tell him you need your 'pacifier' again.
  • Thecleaner
    2020-01-31 16:29 Send message
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    49 years old (Stevies) and knows NOTHING about modding updates updates updates and updates to finish a map
  • Name
    2020-01-31 23:48
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    how do you get the download to work
  • Lordfoul69
    2020-02-01 02:54 Send message
    1 2
    Great map Stevie. Its inspired and inspiring. You always do superior work. Clearly you're also held to a higher standard by trolls which implies your maps are always a cut above the rest. Those rants about updates and striving for perfection from non-map makers should be taken as a compliment. You set the standard for quality maps that others compare themselves to. I appreciate your hard work. Have a great day!
  • @bigrichmod
    2020-02-02 16:46
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    where are your ""better than everyone else"" mods then? you sure got a big ego, and talk a big game, when really you don't have anything to bring to the table. pathetic.
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