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Land and Forst Felsbrunn Map v0.2
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Land and Forst Felsbrunn Map v0.2

I have the Felsbrunn map here. There are many fields and a large forest area near the sawmill.

Version 0.2
There is a brook, land trade & signs

At the harbor south there is a construction yard. There are many animals and GC production. I'm not the best Mod / Mapbauer but I hope you like it anyway. There are people on Youtube who introduce some of my mods, but there is one who talks the mods badly and attacks me personally as one should think about respect each other.

At that time there was respect for modders but this is unfortunately not the case in Farming Simulator 19 !!!

Now I wish a lot of fun with the map.
Your Pierre of Kirtz Design

Modell: Giants/Kirtz Design
Textur: Giants/Kirtz Design
Idee / Konzept: Kirtz Design/Bekannter
Tester: Bekannter

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    how to open doors ?
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    you are not going to get answer from a Bot this Thomas is just a Bot that like to steal people's mod's from other sites and put's them on here
  • Bill
    2019-12-07 10:33
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    Some people know, Thomas is a person.
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