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Land rover defender 110 station wagon 2011 v1.0
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Land rover defender 110 station wagon 2011 v1.0

Here is the release of my land rover defender 110 station wagon 2011
its been in beta for the past week making sure it's acceptable to release to the public (was going to be a private mod).
feel free to add images and videos to this mod on modhub.us
File size 125.1 MB
Price £/$ 28995.
has left-hand drive (right-hand drive option will be coming in V2 as it's still in blender)
has two engine configs ( engine configs will be updated in V2 along with some wheel options ).
it's got a working suspension setup.
animated dials.
animated sun visors.
working lights.
working mirrors.
working winch.
and a moveable rear hitch.

I would like to thank my buddies in the stooges and also all my beta testers and people showing support throughout this mod.
if you have any problems with this mod or find any errors please don't hesitate to contact me on modhub.us.
I only uploaded this to modhub.us as its the only site I use.


My Beta you know who you are <3

  • Gamerz
    2019-09-10 19:51
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    has potential but need to sort the texture issues, green & yellow lines all over it.have the right size wheels fitted Land Rover isn't that high and add proper land rover colors like dark green and your have a winner.
    • Itssdot93
      2019-09-10 20:00 Send message
      6 2
      the lines are to do with the model it's self I spent nearly a week in blender trying to get it sorted. the wheels are like that due to the real suspension the same with the height and some are high. and I didn't add the real colors because everyone else does its good to be different
    • Itssdot93
      2019-09-10 20:01 Send message
      7 1
      but also thank you for your input much appreciated :)
  • Farmersim
    2019-09-10 20:02
    2 0
    Like GAMERZ said has potential also the indoor camera is a bit far forward, good job so far after some fixes should be goer!
  • Dmustang86
    2019-09-10 22:59 Send message
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    please make v2 smaller in size and combined the body as one same as interior. keep the wheels change tyres to standard ones and your have a very nice land rover. thanks
    • Itssdot93
      2019-09-10 23:54 Send message
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      cant combine the body it takes it over the limit for the polys
  • Dmustang86
    2019-09-11 00:16 Send message
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    are you on facebook mate?
  • Knightwolf
    2019-09-11 01:36 Send message
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    @DMustang86 Come look us up here https://www.facebook.com/groups/2178185138959703/?ref=bookmarks
  • York famer
    2019-09-11 11:11
    3 1
    people wanna be grateful tht he actually released yeah might have minor issues but it v1 I think it looks ok it works well knightwolf
    • Itssdot93
      2019-09-11 14:37 Send message
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      thank you
  • Gamerz
    2019-10-10 19:30
    0 0
    How’s V2 coming along?
    • Itssdot93
      2019-10-10 21:08 Send message
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