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Land Rover Defender Pack v1.0
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Land Rover Defender Pack v1.0

Land Rover Defender From Forza Horizon 4
original wheels + 2 extra sets
speedo works
all light work
bull bar half bull bar and light guards
steps and sidesteps
roof rack and extras
all udim textures done by my self


  • Name
    2019-11-19 22:07
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    Not too bad defiantly one of the better ones that's been released but remove the front grill fan as it looks drawn instead of an actually part.
  • Name
    2019-11-20 14:59
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    you have done a good job but I have found the suspension is a little bit too hard it just needs to be softened a bit
  • Farmer tango
    2019-11-20 19:38
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    I would just like to say a big thank you for making this mod for a Land Rover, we have so many amazing UK based maps and now we have an amazing Land Rover mod to go with them.
  • Beach bum billy
    2019-11-21 15:57
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    I remember this mod being in FS17. Nice to see this in FS19. Nice job!
  • Dmustang86
    2019-11-21 16:15 Send message
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    this one was never in fs17 as this is from forza horizon 4 and suspension will be working and animated doors and bonnet.
  • Ricobab
    2019-11-21 17:58 Send message
    4 1
    Thanks ! good job ! for once it is not a RAM, Dodge, Ford or Chevolet
  • Land rover sux
    2019-11-22 05:18
    1 5
    it sux mmk? IT FUKKING SUX A$$
  • Mod is crap
    2019-11-22 07:10
    1 7
    This mod is crap
  • Ricobab
    2019-11-22 10:07 Send message
    3 0
    Ok, I tried it : It is very good for a first version. It just need some small corrections. As already said, the suspensions are too hard, the engine fan does not look good and the 2 versions have some errors and warnings (nothing that break the game)Keep up the good work !
  • Js


    2019-11-27 21:02
    2 0
    A good start! FS19 is desperately missing European road vehicles and for farming use, nothing is more iconic than a Defender.A few problems though: Gives many warnings and errors in the log. Looks like this shouldn't be too hard to fix.Needs a higher quality model for steering wheel, needs softer suspension and a load area (either make the rear bay usable as a cargo area or add straps to the roof rack).Other than that, it's a very nice Defender and hopefully t
  • Detail beast
    2020-06-22 21:10
    0 0
    a forza car in fs I think this has to much detail
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