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Large Chiken Coop v1.0
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Large Chiken Coop v1.0

Large chicken coop for Farming simulator 19
price: 31680 €
no open door
no light
Authors: Stf_modding, Farmer_Andy, Silo: Kastor, Giants

Stf_modding, Farmer_Andy, Silo: Kastor, Giants

  • Proteus
    2018-12-14 18:36
    OK muito bom
  • Farmerbot
    2018-12-14 19:32
    Ahhh two days later for me..., but I replace my previous one, Anyway, I would like how many chickens we can have with this coop?
  • Stf_modding
    2018-12-14 19:58
    maxNumAnimals = 400Good gameStf_modding.
  • Farmerbot
    2018-12-15 00:05
    Thanks STF
  • Farmerbot
    2018-12-15 00:07
    Now for Sheeps and horses, within the same line ;)
  • Thephantomnl
    2018-12-15 11:59
    Hey mate, any chance i can request you to make a mod for us? basicly 2 different ones?im looking for someone to make it, because i cant do it myself. i dont want any rights to them, its just that they get made for fs19many thnx. on discord: ThePhantomNL#7724
  • Wrodney4
    2018-12-17 00:23
    How do U clean it can't see anything to pick up
  • Stf_modding
    2018-12-17 00:41
    to clean, that's where you empty the wheat
  • Stf_modding
    2018-12-17 00:43
    New mod for Sheep today, good game guys
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