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Lifting heavy things v1.0
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Lifting heavy things v1.0

Mod allows us to lift heavy things for example:


  • Fake
    2018-11-18 20:31
    Already in the base game
  • Mrsmallz
    2018-11-20 06:02
    @ fake. really cause I cant even lift a square bale in my game
  • Kevin
    2018-11-21 00:13
    Base game has weight limit to light things. This works GREAT! Haven't tried it on trees, but works on vehicles too. Thanks for this.
  • G


    2018-11-21 21:57
    Works great, can lift a combine by hand. Handling Seed, Fertilizer, etc bags too, easier then trying to load with tractor.
  • Gab


    2018-11-23 09:21
    having issues with the mod disabling the ability to jump pick up object and switch to chainsaw
  • Rheil
    2018-11-23 20:56
    Very Handy, current weight limits are way too low. Does work with wood!
  • Mark
    2018-11-24 02:34
    how does this mod work please in the game, as I have looked in options
  • Reeree
    2018-12-02 20:12
    @THOMAS Is there any chance please can you edit this mod so it will allow you to pick up Whole Trees??? or Even large Logs ?? Thanks
  • Beejaynz
    2018-12-03 22:58
    Works great, would be nice if pickup distance was a adjustable
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