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Lizard Auger Master v1.0.0.0
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Lizard Auger Master v1.0.0.0

The Lizard Auger Master was designed to allow easy refilling of working vehicles, from lime spreaders, and manure spreaders, to seeders, and fertilizers. The rear-mounted auger lets you get into position easily, without disrupting your worker's concentration. The Lizard Auger Master can also be pulled behind a forage harvester, for convenient in-between storage while your hauler is away returning goods. With Lizard's advanced auger design, you can auger a wide range of fruits, including potatoes* and sugarbeets.

- Rear-mounted auger, for easier access to load and unload
- Steering axles for better turning
- Choice of trailer low, higher, or semi attachments
- Optional fill-level light, to easily see how full the storage is from a distance (off for empty, green for less than 50%, yellow until 1,000L left, then red). Useful for AI-driven tasks.
- AI not allowed to reverse trailer, since they're not very good at it, so they'll do U-turns instead
- Supports a wide range of fruits
- Boom-mounted spotlight (attached to reverse worklight switch) to light up unload destination
- Five different tyres choices
- Large range of colours
- Beacon light!

*Note: Some potatoes may be sliced into french fries, if they hit the auger just right, but your customer probably won't notice

Price: $88,000 ($99,000 for semi-truck version)
Capacity: 43,000L (60,000 for semi-truck version)


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