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Lizard Cone Bottom Nurse Trailer v1.0.0.0
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Lizard Cone Bottom Nurse Trailer v1.0.0.0

Lizard Portable Cone Bottom Nurse Trailer

With stationary tank it will be much easier to load your John Deere 4940 in the field.
With a truck, you will take the tank to the field where your sprayer is working, disengage, and go! Your sprayer will be able to load quickly.
In the store, he has 2 color options for the tanks and chassis.
The capacity is 18927 or 22712 liters and you can choose from the store.

Price: 7543$

- 2 options at capacity:
18927 liters
22712 liters
- Frame color
- Tank color

Custom Modding

  • Me


    2020-10-16 22:27
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    Since it's a Custom Modding mod, all I have to ask is, what's WRONG with it? All their mods seems to have something wrong with them.
  • Jack
    2020-10-17 18:55
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    WHAT MAP is that
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