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Lizard Mks320k Becs v1.0
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Lizard Mks320k Becs v1.0

This is an upgraded version of the Lizard Mks32 Tanker
Now holds 320,000lts
Suspension and brakes have been adjusted to take the extra loading
cost: $68,000
lifespan: 6000

SumWon (Becs) / Giants

  • Sumwon
    2018-11-29 20:22 Send message
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    The fill times have been greatly improved, the tanker now only takes seconds to load.
  • Raven2971
    2018-11-30 04:06 Send message
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    seemes to heavey you need to change the wright of the filltype so it be like hauling a emty trailer for that much wheight
  • Sumwon
    2018-11-30 04:28 Send message
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    or you could use a truck mod with increased hp, better suspension and braking .. stick around and I'll make one
  • Sumwon
    2018-11-30 05:03 Send message
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    use the Gamling Tuning Pack, works very well
  • Vasya
    2018-11-30 07:33 Send message
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    ну епть на кой хрен тебе 320 000 воды иди еще чего-то?
  • Chad
    2018-12-21 08:07 Send message
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    Can you make this trailer haul Herbicide, Liquid Fertilizer, and Slurry? Are you able to make it able to fill up the sprayer and slurry spreader? Can you give it a 80,000 to 100,000 capacity? that would be so awesome thank you so much
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