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Lizard MKS8 Flussigdunger/Herbizid Anpassung v1.0
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Lizard MKS8 Flussigdunger/Herbizid Anpassung v1.0

Adapted Lizard MKS8 for the transport of liquid fertilizer and herbicide.

Because I personally do not feel like constantly dealing with the ICB containers, I have rewrote the MKS 8 trailer without further ado, so that he now loads liquid fertilizer and herbicide, instead of milk and water.

Maintain discharge function.
Overload (not yet) functional, so content must be unloaded into containers to load into field sprayers.

Works as it should. MP not yet tested, but should work as well.

GIANTS für das original Modell des MKS 8

  • Chad
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    Are you able to do the same thing for the semi trailer?
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