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Lone Oak Farm 19 v1.0.0.0
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Lone Oak Farm 19 v1.0.0.0

Welcome to Lone Oak Farm.... A real life replica farm in Oregon, USA.

- Full seasons support with many extra featurs
- New grass textures (cut grass texture etc)
- Custom ground textures
- Custom Wheat/barley textures (auther forgotten fruits)
- 55 fields with many missions
- 3 sell points Bga,sawmill and other places
- dof (graphics) has been removed to improve fps and distance blurryness.

bulletbill83 is the creater of this map and has given me kind permission to convert it over for you.... big thank you to him.

Map creater Bulletbill83/ Converter Oxygendavid

  • Wrangler
    2019-09-18 22:29 Send message
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    B.O.B. Lookaround - Lone Oak Farm 19 - Farming Simulator 19 - https://youtu.be/T3bH8KBIXP8
  • Been there done it
    2019-09-18 22:35
    2 13
    um, been there done it, how about something new and different
  • Me


    2019-09-18 22:43
    2 19
    GARBAGE. No real good place for placeables. With placeables in 19 now he should have just left it blank. BOOOOOOO
  • Name
    2019-09-19 02:08
    4 4
  • Graytomcat62
    2019-09-19 03:33
    2 6
    I like this map but level out the ground at the farm can't put objects or placeables on the farm
  • Badbb
    2019-09-19 07:04
    7 4
    This mod is in "stfu and download" category. Cheers to both creator and converter
  • @badbb
    2019-09-19 13:30
    3 5
    um no its not you stupid fuck, this is FS19 everything is based on the placeable build your own shit, BB whinning and crying like a little bitch because the changes giants made in fs19 messed with his way of thinking, nuff said,
  • @badbb
    2019-09-19 13:32
    2 4
    only 2 mods out there in the stfu and download category, and thats 1st, seasons, 2nd GC. this aint one of them sorry bitch
  • @moddinggods
    2019-09-19 15:14
    4 2
    The trolls have spoken. It is so
  • Paul
    2019-09-19 15:56
    12 1
    It makes me wonder sometimes why modders even bother releasing anything when stupid trolls just abuse them... Simple solution IF YOU DON;T LIKE IT, DON;T DOWNLOAD IT...Maybe these trolls can make something better, that way we can rip the piss out of their efforts...
  • Fid


    2019-09-19 18:05
    2 2
    thanks for this
  • Angela84
    2019-09-19 18:39
    0 3
    hello on this map I waited so long now it was worth it. Unfortunately, I have a mark the pigs and scahfe kan you can not buy trent and the pigs is decidedly too much waldgebit (the rest of the map here.) You can also use this as mp map if pigs and sheep are separately buyable just so much more chicken fattening If you still adapt the map is perfect
  • @angela84
    2019-09-19 20:30
    2 1
    your comments are gobbledegook
  • Translator
    2019-09-20 00:25
    2 3
    Awesome map, thank you!
  • The truth hurts!
    2019-09-20 01:38
    6 2
    the troll haters come here to comment cause they don't have the balls to comment on facebook with a public profile!
  • Jack
    2019-09-20 04:54
    1 2
    is this real??????
  • @the truth hurts
    2019-09-20 05:30
    0 6
    gimme your facebook you pos chump, i wil tell your worthless fanboy ass like it is, this is fs19 not fs17, OH AND GUESS WHAT LOSER, this is fake farming not real, so when you stop being a little bitch ass fanboy, well i will stop here because i know that will never happen so...
  • Name
    2019-09-20 06:27
    2 1
    @thetruthhurts claim down skippy….
  • Valerio
    2019-09-20 07:24
    0 1
    Bom mapa!
  • Simr
    2019-09-20 22:15
    1 2
    LMAO - at these comments. 1st and foremost FS19 is about the customization of ones own farm. No Placables? no download. its that damn simple folks. if the map or mod isn't Fresh..why even waste your time? there is NO Value in converted junk. plus the textures are all wrong. i'm curious as to how many of you wanaB modder/editors actually play the game.
  • Like
    2019-09-21 01:18
    1 1
    Does anyone else have the problem to where the game starts saving but never ends?
  • Thomas
    2019-09-21 22:47
    0 1
    Map is good, but mine are better
  • Simr
    2019-09-21 23:38
    0 1
    @like. go to in game option settings and turn off 'auto save' you want to make a habit of saving your game Manually and not rely on that lazy ass - auto save. 1. lets say you make a mistake on your map 2. you can go back to your last save - problem solved. if you rely on auto save..you don't have that option..you get what you got 3. you have a mod conflict
  • Simr
    2019-09-21 23:50
    0 2
    Lone Oak 19 is ok for FS19 standards..but then..it doesn't look the same as the original. because key elements are missing. 1. custom ground/grass/ tree textures made by BB 2. custom sky/night sky textures made by BB 3. custom fruit textures made by BB 4. the buildings look like shit (low res of course) and the wrong buildings at that 5. even the lone oak tree doesn't even look like an oak tree (LMAO) have a look see at the Original FS17 Lone Oak (you'll notice difference right away) specially a
  • Simr
    2019-09-22 00:00
    0 2
    heres the link to the REAL farm. choose ground level, hold cntrl + mouse scroll and zoom in. see?..everything is Wrong. except for the basic outline. might as well not even call this map Lone Oak - because its NOT close. https://www.buzzfile.com/Home/LargeMap/8220163
  • Question?
    2019-09-22 00:52
    1 1
    @Paul and those who abuse the word troll. why - is it that anybody that comments on anthing..is branded a "troll" - dipshit..that makes YOU a troll as well. ONLY when anyone disagrees with someone are they labled a fkn troll. your right about the troll thing..because you fuckwads are the worse of Trolls. now troll my front door- and ill fix that broken lip of yours..so you talk right!! form here on out- your troll mother forgot to make us sandwhich's - she on the troll stroll again...the hooker-
  • Keefles
    2019-09-22 17:09 Send message
    1 1
    only issue i have with the map is no collision on the wire in the fences.
  • Craig
    2019-09-22 20:48
    1 1
    Love the map but there is no sell point at the BGA for slurry.
  • Random alcoholic
    2019-09-22 22:51
    0 2
    Got to say this is a very well made map and I am thankful for your time and effort.
  • Bonk
    2019-09-26 03:13
    0 1
    I like. Not as good as original But it is still worth downloading
  • Pochy
    2019-10-05 21:44
    0 0
    buen mapa.. podrias agregar algo al mapa--Additional crops: Alfalfa, rye, millet, clover, and triticale.?
  • Farmgirl2
    2019-10-06 16:56
    0 0
    North of field 8 has something invisible that stops you from doing anything. Its like there is a invisible wall. In trying to combine fields I am having problems with bushes. Is there a trick to this. By the way this is for Xbox. Love this map had it on 17 and now 19. We have both pc and Xbox version.
  • King_of_the_zing
    2019-10-11 00:24
    0 0
    everytime i try and download it and put it into my mods folder nothing shows up in game
  • Trolls
    2019-10-13 23:51
    1 0
    so somehow, a disagreement makes it a "troll"? not possible, we can have a debate and a conversation. if you think we are trolls, then you are fukked. its fun reading this funny comments, when one starts hating, then its a snowball effect from there. you guys are like moths going towards light, just rofl from all of this.
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