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M82KR3 v1.0
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M82KR3 v1.0

M82KR3 is a Planter Bar that enables 3 tree planters to be used at once. the original by AS-Modding/M82 has been adapted from FS17 to work with FS19 by Becs.

AS-Modding / M82 / Becs

  • Waffle
    2018-12-18 21:10 Send message
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    Sadly broken. (using stevies 60 sapling planter/pallets) if you have the planters attached to this multiplyer it only loads one properly. although if you click refill 3 times it moves the pallet around to the other two and it adds up saying you have in my case 180 saplings. but once i plant the first 60 the other 120 get glitched and you can't plant anymore and the tool is then broken
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