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MacDon FD75 beta
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MacDon FD75 beta

Hello everyone, after a long time away from the game I have returned and I want to publish the beta version of the MacDon set, know how to continue working to improve and continue learning how this new FS19 works for me.

I hope you enjoy Regards Julian11

Please if you respect my work keep original dl link

Model, texture, Ingame: Julian11
Testers:Rafazr - JavierZzS - Killercrock88

  • Simr
    2019-08-12 14:10
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    nobody wants this uploaded.net link..your forcing people who want the Macdon to use this link..that's wrong on so many levels..you could have stayed away..jus saying.. we don't need more asshole down load links..just so you can make cents on a dollar for your bullshit.
  • Thanks!
    2019-08-12 14:27
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    I had to wait a whole 30 secs so you could get a little something back from your work. Its not that much of a hassle. Great Header!!! Keep it up. Your work is appreciated.
  • Trucker
    2019-08-12 16:03
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    dude stoling others mod and ONLY change skin !!!! ))))))) ---- F#D IDIOT !
  • Widths ? ? ?
    2019-08-12 18:06
    3 2
    First off, if you going to stick (3) headers in a pack, at least give info of their widths. I can't stand it when people upload implements, and then tell you nothing about it, making you download in order to find out.As far as "Uploaded.net" they suc*, worst file host out there. If you don't have a premium account, try to push add-ware or malware on you, very slow download rates, they make wait in line, and they don't support download accelerators.
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