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Mack Pinnacle v1.1.0.0
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Mack Pinnacle v1.1.0.0

FS 19 Release:
Mack Pinnacle v1.1
Its avaliable with a flatbed, dumpbed, hooklift or as a semi. 
Attention: I use the latest global Easy autoload script which needs to be downloaded from click_here
Config options:
- Flatbed: with or without ramp. With Easy Autoload
- dumpbed: with or withour salt spreader
- hooklift
- semi: short, long or longer
- wheels: 3 different rims, 5 brands (Including care wheels, chains and crawlers)
- tag axle: none, single or dual, liftable with right mouse button.
- Fifth wheel adjustable with right mouse button.
- 7 different fenders
- 4 exhausts
- 4 racks
- 8 bumpers, including plow mount
- 6 different colorpickers for different parts
- trailer attacher
- tinted windows
- The autoload function is configurable as 'light' and 'full'. With the 'light' option you need to lift the objects close to the flatbed for it to autoload.
- the plowmount currently connects to Expandables Heavy Duty Plow found here: http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/workstar-and-plow-pack-v1/
hosted on sharemods.com, use adblock! Please respect my choice of hosting site, it helps to keep me motivated. 
You may repost this on other modsites but please use the original link only!
To see my other mods, go visit www.modsby5nine.tk 
if you wanna support my work, feel free to donate on PayPal.Me/modsby5nine
Like and follow me on facebook to get the latest WIP updates: https://www.facebook.com/modsby5nine/

5nine, www.modsby5nine.tk
NastyModz (sounds)
alfalfa6945 (Easy Autoload script)
Ifko[nator] (addConfig script)
Realismus Modding (plow and salt script)

  • No direct download
    2019-09-24 23:27
    2 11
    not interested
  • Dude
    2019-09-24 23:31
    2 2
    you are amazing this and the ford are awesome you are a very good mod maker please make more and i like how you dont make like just petes or kws i like that you mix it up you should make a cab over i dont even care what brand i just know it would be awesome
  • Haters
    2019-09-24 23:36
    5 2
    why is the first guy hating hes like oh im not intrested because its not a direct download dude if you dont like it theres no need to complain cause he put hard work into this he doesnt want to here whiners so go play minecraft
  • Again
    2019-09-24 23:39
    2 10
  • Jtmodding
    2019-09-24 23:40 Send message
    5 2
    again awesome release man keep em coming
  • Shut up
    2019-09-24 23:41
    3 3
    you suck ass its a very good mod dick go get lost
  • @shut up
    2019-09-24 23:50
    2 6
    be quiet NOOB, this mod SUCKS and you know it SUCKS, quit standing up for your butt buddy 5nine. ;)
  • 5nine
    2019-09-24 23:57
    3 2
    Man, I suck at making mods, lol, I will cease production as soon as possible... Thanks for the feedback guys.
    • 5nine
      2019-09-25 00:06 Send message
      3 2
      haha, funny guy
  • Huh


    2019-09-25 00:07
    3 2
    hey listen here retard you make a mod to see if its better i am not a buddy to 5nine but i sure as hell know there good mods
  • Adde77
    2019-09-25 01:04 Send message
    4 2
    Dont listen to those ungrateful butt stuffers,many of us are very grateful of ur hard work.Thank you,5NINE!
    • 5nine
      2019-09-25 01:09 Send message
      6 2
      thx, I rarely pay much attention to modhub comments. facebook is where I get my feedback
  • Wow


    2019-09-25 01:55
    2 2
    i didnt think one mod could get so much hate whats this world coming to he isnt forcing you to download it or play with it idiots
  • Bring to console now!!!
    2019-09-25 02:53
    0 7
    Is this coming to ps4 ?????? we need a good truck u pc stupid guys dont need no more truck mods we need them on console!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wont happen
    2019-09-25 03:08
    3 3
    wont come to console so suck it up
  • Very nice
    2019-09-25 04:00
    0 2
    Is there a way to get the file down to 40-50MB? A lite version of some sort...I understand that quality models/textures and options galore have their cost (and appeal, I love the truck), its just that i like to play with lots of active mods, on a big map, with tens of trucks and tractors, using AD and CP, and it seems like the giants engine has a low limit on textures/shapes/polys or the scripts use too much memory and bump the models out.Or is there a way to configure higher limits
  • Have to choose
    2019-09-25 04:40
    0 2
    you have to choose the automation resource hogs or the super detailed customizations of modsEspecially on 4x/16x maps all those courses take up resources
  • Katanawin
    2019-09-25 07:14
    2 2
    Hey 5NINE, awesome mod, thanks for sharing. And I get that you rarely pay much attention to modhub comments and use facebook to get feedback. As facebook censers comments that may offend ones sensibilities, here people tend to say how it is. Facebook is for snowflakes.
  • Enough is enough
    2019-09-25 08:33
    4 8
    All of you haters... drink your milk & take a nap. 5NINE is a new modder ( Feb19) and he managed to bring ATS ( SCS Software) quality/detail to FS19 with his truck mods. So all of you make yourselve a favor... ZIP IT & show some respect!!!
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    2019-09-25 10:52
    2 6
    ^^^^^ GO FUCK YOURSELF ^^^^^^^^
  • Guest
    2019-09-25 12:40
    4 2
    Many thanks for the mod 5NINE really like it and take no notice of the bunch of dip shits who's obviously woke up hating the world yet again.
  • Allen55
    2019-09-25 19:07 Send message
    0 5
  • Allen55
    2019-09-25 19:11 Send message
    2 2
    thanks for a great mod all your trucks work fine keep up the great work.
  • Littlemaxx
    2019-09-25 21:58 Send message
    1 2
    Love a well made mod. Thanks for all your work. I find them to be a fun addition to my game mods folder.
  • @enough is enough
    2019-09-25 22:52
    3 3
    lul, YOUR A BELLEND!! it makes me lmfao how u all get so easily triggered, its priceless!!!! rofl
  • 0 2
    When I have been able to download your trucks I have found them to be amazing pieces of work and very inspiring as well! While I have gotten some of them I have to admit my security software won't let me get the ones from Sharemods like you prefer but luckily on other sites you have posted them in a way I can download. Anyways my true compliment to you is since my strokes I hadn't the desire to mod in a long time but your work inspired me to work a little bit again just m
  • Dislike spam
    2019-09-26 04:42
    2 3
    hehe i dislike every post im bEST
  • Trucker
    2019-09-28 01:18
    0 2
    Thank you buddy, excellent model (but, can you insert auto balling script inside this mod?) !!!! --- Waiting CAT !!! ;)
  • @trucker
    2019-09-29 03:09
    1 0
  • Prophet
    2019-10-05 04:52 Send message
    0 0
    I have this and the Ford truck and have the same issue with both. In both cases, the dump versions do not actually empty into the grain silo on Lone Oak Farm. I can dump in the food troughs. I have not tried a sell point yet. It also dumps on the ground just fine. I tested trailers and a loader bucket. They work fine, so it seems to be something with the truck mods.
  • Kiowa7
    2019-10-31 05:02 Send message
    1 0
    Man, i really like this mod. I sorta new to FS 19 an I enjoy it a lot. Been over 30 years since I drove a Mack. I'm hopin ya make an Emeryville mod, first semi I ever drove way back in 1965.Anyways, keep up the good work.
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