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Mack R dump truck v1.0
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Mack R dump truck v1.0

Mack R something i threw together its cool but needs some tlc like some light work color options etc if someone could work on it. dont have time enjoy!


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    2021-01-23 00:37
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    any idea where in ge where the tail lights are for the mack cab
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    2021-01-23 01:41
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    yea in the giants editor the rear lights are apart of the all the lights and I can t make them disappear without making the rest of the lights disappear. the mod needs some TLC
  • Not bad but not good
    2021-01-23 17:16
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    Not bad but it shouldnt have been relased how its in. Its a hacktogether but is cool. Work on it & relase a verzion 2
  • Bigrich says
    2021-01-24 17:58
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    THAT - looks dumb as fuck. NO Mack dump is a single axle THAT DONT EVEN MAKE LOGICAL SENSE. sure ive seen photos of a few very OLD Mac Dump single axle HOBBY TRUCKS...but this isn't that truck and your still an idiot modder focker. i leave FS19 for A couple months and ill be damned when i return the town idiots and sons are busy putting out LAME ASS MODS. your a tickle your belly button kind of stupid aren't ya..it shows
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    Well I suppose at least the modders who upload a half done mod, AND say it is only half done, have realised they don't know what they are doing and are Honest enough to admit it. I respect them for that at least.
  • Bigrich says
    2021-01-24 22:34
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    no way am i touching this bastard child of a meth whore mod. 1. the dump is from a entry level landscaping "LITE" dump truck 2. this girly shit mod has too many mixed emotions and hurt feelings aka - ERRORS. because the modder is chalk full of errors. you dont PRETEND to be a modder..either you are and your work is the proof..or your not..and your mod reveals that. one them scenarios is correct.
  • Wds


    2021-01-26 01:18
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    The box is from wood meadow.
  • @ big bitch says
    2021-01-31 02:01
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    Hey big rich, I just went on the internet and found pictures of single axle R model dump trucks, so they did indeed have them. I agree the dump box is light duty and the truck looks quite weird, but it's a game, and he posted this mod for someone to work on and improve if they want
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