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Mack Superliner Daycab v1.3.2.0
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Mack Superliner Daycab v1.3.2.0

Changes v1.3.2.0:
– Options for the filters (for so long requested…);
– Options for the Engine/Stacks;
– Lights revised.

– Power: 338 kW / 460 HP;
– Speed: 80 km / h;
– Fuel tank capacity: 440 liters.;
– Price: 119 000 €;
– Primary color selection;
– Design color selection;
– Choice of wings;
– Logo selection;
– Air filter selection;
– Engine / exhaust pipe selection;
– Wheel selection;
– Working instrument panel;
– Working lighting;
– Leave trace;
– Gets dirty and washes;
– UDIM texture.

7L Farms (alcoas), eXpendables

  • Not showing up
    2019-12-23 21:09
    3 0
    its not showing up in my mods
  • Wrangler
    2019-12-24 00:45 Send message
    1 0
    Nice job on the mod. But when using it with courseplay grain transport, it won't track the courseplay course, instead runs off to the right of the course.
  • Too many
    2019-12-24 01:55
    1 2
    too many day cab version. i want the models with sleeper, not day cabs.
  • Too many
    2019-12-24 03:25
    2 1
    Farmer's prefer day cabs, only reason you see farmers with sleepers is...the truck market is flooded with sleepers, and its where they can find the best deals. Day cabs are the best for farming. You're not making overnight trips to the elevator/grainery.Design color in store options does nothing, eXpendables?
  • Mike
    2019-12-24 04:33
    3 0
    Some farmers do make overnight runs to elevators/terminals. Especially if the terminal/elevator is far away. Some do it to be close to the front of the line when they open to maximize the amount of grain they can haul in a day. If you wake up and dump one load immediately, you're already one dump ahead of schedule. I've seen plenty of farmers with sleepers in my area.
  • @mike
    2019-12-24 10:04
    2 1
    On the farm, you will NOT see a sleeper truck. The grain collection vehicle is day cab. It takes the grain to the silos where the Sleeper (if going interstate) will pick it up and haul it. If its Intrastate, the day cab will make the short run.I drive truck for living in PA. And for argument, A sleeper is worth $350.000 lowest, and a day cab is around $185.000 lowest, which do you think would be on a farm?
  • @@mike
    2019-12-24 19:10
    1 0
    really? because I see way more sleeper cabs over day cabs. my farm has 3 sleeper cabs, and to the many people who have helped me (if we are in a pinch and need more trucks to keep the combine moving) are usually people driving sleeper cabs as well. imho, sleeper cabs look better.
  • Ollie12
    2020-02-15 03:41 Send message
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  • Name
    2020-02-20 20:39
    1 0
    can you make a mack R model
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