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Mad Twisted v1.3.1
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Mad Twisted v1.3.1

Spruce Grove Logging is a forestry only map full of challenging terrain where you have to make your own blocks only one road to mill and one to dead end.

Mad Twisted

Pine Hill Logging LTD

  • Bullseye
    2020-01-27 12:37
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    you got anyone who can help you test maps??? didnt count but probably over a thousand trees under the map and trees in the water and off the side of the map. not dogging the map just need to test before release
  • Walt
    2020-02-09 22:29
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    i agree with bullseye , get help to test i jumped to sawmill and ended up inside couldnt get out then teleported to shop ended up in trees ,,,, and where are these challenging roads i only drove down one
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