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Mahindra Retriever Longbox Utility Color Edition V1.0
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Mahindra Retriever Longbox Utility Color Edition V1.0

Extended the box on the Retriever to look more like the real life "Longbox" edition
Color Edition:
-Customizable Hood and Interior Trim Colors
-Decals set in grey and white

- Dual tires and 6-Wheeler Configurations
- Side Bush Guards
- Log is free from errors and warnings

- Working hydrauliics for realistic unloading
- All fill types can now be loaded
- Decals and minor other fixes

Utility Version: Modified the Retriever to include Skidder Attachments and act as a utility vehicle for transporting bales/pallettes.
- Rear Hitch for weight attachment
- Front Hitch for tool attachment
- Lift Key (V) for rotating tools into Driving mode

SKIDLOADER - High Dump Bucket and Bale Spikes / Bale Handler
(FrontLoader Bale Spikes and Bale Handler work fine also)

I am doing requests, please email me for your suggestion.

Original Upload:

[email protected]

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  • Drengin
    2019-01-05 20:45 Send message
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    You sir are a star! TY very much. Hugely appreciated :D
  • Brandon092
    2019-01-06 03:39 Send message
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    No problem. I appreciate the positive feedback :)
  • Luke
    2019-01-06 04:39 Send message
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    Hey, would it be possible to add a full cab option? And also, would it be possible to make bigger, better tires with much larger treads and more grip?ThanksLuke
  • Jj


    2019-01-06 08:44 Send message
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    hey is it possible to get a version thats a 6x6 with single tires and maybe a slightly shorter bed? i love polaris ranger 6x6s and theres never been a mod thats close. but very nice work.
  • Brandon092
    2019-01-06 12:45 Send message
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    Of course. I have uploaded the cab version before I even noticed these comments. I will work on those updates, thanks for the suggestions
  • Arc


    2019-01-07 16:41 Send message
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    This is one of the best mods ever! I would give it a 100 star rating if I could!
  • Sam


    2019-04-04 23:15
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    I really like this vehicle, but it sucks how high the seats are and you see out of the back. It makes it really difficult to reverse in first person mode.
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