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Maisbunkerhacksler Chafer v1.0.1
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Maisbunkerhacksler Chafer v1.0.1

- Warning "Missing Brand" fixed by the cutting units
Mod for Farming Simulator 19
The Maize bunker chopper is a converted CLAAS Jaguar 800 and there are only 2 of them in the world.
The chopper works WITHOUT mods or alternatively with the Simple_IC Script from Modelleicher -> additional functions

Technical specifications:
- 44000L capacity
- Scania V8 DC16084A biturbo with 770PS
- Weight 12500kg / length 16m / width 4.5m
- 30 headlights (daytime running lights, low / high beam, work lights)
- 3 axles (articulated steering)
- Price 650000 €
- All-wheel drive + articulated steering / dog walking

- IC-controlled but also fully functional without an IC
- Overload belts can be activated individually via IC
- Lights can be activated individually (via IC)
- Steering wheel adjustable / door + flaps can be opened (via IC)
- multiple color choices
- Tape drive available via tire configuration
- Additional cutting units with color selection included
- additional color choice for interior (extendedMaterials from Modelleicher)
- Display for the header utilization installed (TreshingFlowIndicator from Hoffi)
- Food and drink installed ^^

- Chopper is designed for manual operation
- Overload only when stationary
- No downhill driver on the field in operation
- Compatible with Courseplay, GPS, GuidanceSteering

Known problems:
- Unfortunately, the LS helper currently has problems with the special articulated steering and cannot turn properly.
This is currently being worked on.

Work in progress:
- Seat suspension is installed
- MeshGroups are newly created
- Safety bars for choppers and cutting units are created
- additional IC controls


  • Ricobab
    2020-01-26 16:14 Send message
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    Its is a very well done mod and it looks amazing ingame !Unfortunately as stated in the description, the AI worker does not work. But It is a simple fix because the Saturn works fine with AI worker (it is also an articulated forage harvester)
  • Simulator mods reviews
    2020-01-26 21:05
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  • юрий
    2020-01-26 21:25
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    гамно а не мод
  • @ЮРИЙ
    2020-01-26 21:49
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    Молодец Чувак! В правильном направлении мыслишь!....больше не подходи к компьютеру...тебе вредно для здоровья !!!
  • Ricobab
    2020-02-05 17:38 Send message
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    Szorin found the solution to fix AI worker. Change the following lines in the xml :autoRotateBackSpeed=”1.8″ackermannSteering rotSpeed=”38″ rotMax=”43″ rotCenter=”0 2.379″articulatedAxis componentJointIndex=”1″ anchorActor=”0″ rotSpeed=”-38″ rotMax=”35″ rotMin=”-35″ aiRevereserNode=”articulatedAxisAiReverserNode”
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