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MAN Forst LKW MP v1.4.6
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MAN Forst LKW MP v1.4.6

Hello people of the LS19
I have MAN again revisions:
The wipers are now with function, the mirrors adjusted
The crane, the rims and the truck is with color selection.
The crane stops now and can continue to buckle, the pliers now turn endlessly.
Tire selection of standard on Nokia.
Driving behavior adapted.
Number shields installed and the so-called rag (with dirt texture).
Additional headlights Installed with light and flashing lights.
You have to extend the supports now Manuel.
Control groups are fishing for the supports and the crane.
The log in single and multiple are error free.
The speed of opening the crane made faster.
You can now select the crane cab when buying.

Modell: otto
Script: otto
Idee / Konzept: otto
Sonstige: otto

  • Richard
    2019-06-21 00:27
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    please make a car charger
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