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MAN TGS Milk Truck v1.0.0.0
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MAN TGS Milk Truck v1.0.0.0

Price: €142000
Power: 500 hp
Capacity: 25000l
Cargo: milk, water
Brand: MAN

Capacity selectable.
Agricultural tires selectable.
Rim color selectable.
Cabin color selectable.
Tankcolor selectable.

The lids must be opened for loading.

D-S-A-Modding[Kastor, Floowy, Steven aka W7K]

  • Caamo
    2021-01-15 16:12
    1 0
    Why the hatches are open when loading milk? You want to make my customers sick?
  • Ccp


    2021-01-15 17:04
    0 0
    Hatches are open to help the pasteurized process for all the new factory mods. Also a sign of current technology forcing people to take what the government wants them to take.... SHHH!
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