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MAN TGX Forest Special v1.0.0.1
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MAN TGX Forest Special v1.0.0.1

The MAN TGX Forst Spezial is specially built for Shorttimber.

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Truck Textures Original Giants

Thanks to its special Tandem Trailer, which is folded up and loaded onto the Motorvehicle,
the toll is reduced and fuel is saved.
At its place of use it is unloaded by Crane and directly coupled, and Unfolded.

Stanchions on the TGX are retracted by opening the cover - PC key "N"
Stanchions on the Trailer are opened by folding - PC key "X"

The following Shop options are available:
Color Change: Cabin, Body, Rims, !! crane only on PC !!
Engine: 500HP, 640HP, 880HP
Wheels: Nokian with and without lettering
Bullbar, roof bar with and without light
Mirror caps in 4 versions
Dirt rags in 5 different versions
Sunvisors: None, Small, Large, including Color Change
Additional parts: Fanfares, Protective Grille, Additional Mirror

Price from: 205.000$

HaJüHo Fahrzeugbau

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    Eine eigene Configuration am Kran wäre gut. Ob man den Greiferzange haben will oder einen Haken.
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