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MAN TGX Tanker Truck v1.0.0.0
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MAN TGX Tanker Truck v1.0.0.0

MAN TGX Tanker Truck. I didn't mod the original truck, just added my own custom logo's. Will give the original author credit in the credits. I have tested it and it is error & warning free, at least on my system. I hope you find this mod useful, however if not simply delete it from your mods folder...Enjoy, and Happy Farming :)

Original by Tarczi007. Logos modded by Wolf Pack Modding

  • Dmac
    2019-08-31 15:47
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    i loaded this truck and it crashed my game...wiped it out...how do i know it was this mod?...was the only thing i added.....so great job!
  • @dmac
    2019-08-31 19:00
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    Did you check the log to find out EXACTLY what caused it to crash? My guess is probably not..LOL
  • Dmac whiny pants
    2019-08-31 19:30
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    As posted above, if you didn't check the log to know exactly what happened. Could've been a mod conflict with another mod in your folder, and not the truck that specifically caused it!
  • Name
    2019-09-01 16:28
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    it seems that there is a conflict with 'follow me'
  • @name
    2019-09-05 14:34
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    That is a simple fix...…..Don't use FM......BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Nome
    2019-09-05 22:11
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    perché non scarica
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