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Map AgroMash v1.0.0.1
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Map AgroMash v1.0.0.1

Welcome to map AgroMash.
The map is completely fictional but is based on Russian landscape.

Changes v1.0.0.1:
– Map adapted to the mod “Seasons”;
– Removed conflict on field 31 (straw did not fall);
– Fixed the silo, were bad on the farm;
– Added collision to objects;
– Added a new unloading point at the Central Elevator (not all vehicles could enter);
– Added trees in the village;
– And much more.

– One farms (pigs /sheeps/horses/chickens/cows)
– Biogas plant
– 31 fields, including 16 small fields
– 7 sell points – Sawmill
– Shop of agricultural machinery
– Wonderful terrain
– Support Seasons mod
– Forest And a lot more…


  • Mcarden75
    2019-08-19 06:37 Send message
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    This is my first look review on Map AgroMash. Let me tell you for such a small download size I wasn't expecting much. I like this map for many reasons such as customizations, how the sale points are laid out, and how easy it was to navigate. I certainly do wish for more sale points and a map this size should have a couple more towns spread throughout the areas. I also love the space for mod installation. I enjoyed it and I know you will too. - https://youtu.be/h46Avnx_Bnk
  • Klyden-dk
    2019-08-20 22:45
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    it reminds me of a map from the old FS-11
  • Rico
    2019-11-14 17:25
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    A very nice map, not to big itself but with large fields. I like the overall design ! Good job, thank you for sharing.
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