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Map Template v1.0.0.2
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Map Template v1.0.0.2

Hello everybody!

Fix: double entries of fruits
The same procedure applies here as with version
Just replace the XML. Alternatively, you can simply delete these two lines in the XML "xml / map.xml":

<fillTypes filename = "xml / fillTypes.xml" />
<fruitTypes filename = "xml / fruitTypes.xml" />

Whether other things are double in it, I could not test yet. So I did not quite understand the new XML system of Giants.

For you hobbyists today's MapTemplate. It is a completely empty card.

Some things have already been done:
The shared / shaders folders are empty, i. currently refer to the shaders in the installation directory. That saves you (something) in file size!
There is a folder called "xml". There are all Xml files deposited. Here you can set everything. Be sure to check it out!

I hope that makes it easier to get started with LS19 maps!


  • Bocephus
    2018-12-12 01:41 Send message
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    A book: Why can't somebody give us some animals on these blank maps. If you're afraid I won't be able to tend to a horse, to heck with the "Horses", I could care less about them! Why can't someone make a blank map with animals like they did in Farming Simulator 2015, but only a few blank maps ever even came out for FS 2017, they even had cows, pigs and sheep and chickens. But none in FS 2019. It sure would be nice to hear a rooster crowing on my farm once in awhile after I made it.
  • Bocephus
    2018-12-12 01:44 Send message
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    I know how to tend to my animals. I reckon it's because they think that all these maps that are put on the site won't be downloaded at all! I can't make a map in no ways as good as them, if that's what they're afraid of. I just want a blank map with animals and make everything to my own satisfaction! My fields and everything else.
  • Bocephus
    2018-12-12 01:50 Send message
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    Part 3. The above 2 were in too many words, maybe this will finish what I started at the top. All those other maps don't have any room to put alot of these mods that are coming out with, like buildings and misc stuff, that's supposedly, supposed to be "for all you mappers out there who love to make their own maps".
  • Angry chck3n
    2018-12-24 06:20 Send message
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    i would like blank map with all sell points town and roads small stream through town and trees everywhere also would like to see mapped out tracks of land for sale but covered in trees entirely .... maybe a few pre planted fields. anybody who would throw this together for us it would be much appreciated....
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