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Mat d'Eclairage telescopique LOXAM v1.5
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Mat d'Eclairage telescopique LOXAM v1.5

We TFSGROUP offer you
se Telescopic automated towable lighting mast.
the functions are available when the mast is coupled.
However, the mast remains operational when it is lifted.

Nous TFSGROUP vous proposons
se Mat d'éclairage télescopique automatisé tractable.
les fonctions sont disponibles lorsque le mat est attelé.
Toutefois le mat reste opérationnel lorsqu'il est décroché.


  • Acmeacres1
    2020-04-26 23:03 Send message
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    TSFGROUP does not make anything, they steal others work and reskin it and it usually ends up with some funky error then they try to pass it off as there own. They claim it to be there's and then use UI as a download portal so they can make money off of every download. Bunch of lazy ass mod thieves. Then any time someone speaks up, they delete the comment. There was a bunch here before.
  • Name
    2020-06-02 20:18
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    TFSGROUP has NEVER had an original mod THEY created. NEVER. Not even one time! TFSG has never created not even ONE mod that is their own. NOTHING. They take others mods and re-skin them or edit them and call that mod theirs. TFSG is a fraud. A fake. A liar. Every time you download something from TFSG you are promoting the theft of other modders work. What's even worse is that they get PAID BY YOU every time you download their stolen garbage.
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